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|| May 30 ||

14h45 – 15h00  Opening Session


15h00 – 16h00  Plenary Lecture I

Miguel Castelo-Branco (IBILI, Coimbra, PORTUGAL)

Systems Neurobiology: New Trends in Translational Neuroscience

16h00 – 18h30 Symposium I – Neurodevelopment

16h00 - Susana da Silva (Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA)

Searching the source of topography in the somatosensory system. Role of periphery TGF-β signaling in barrelette development

16h30 - Pedro Brites (IBMC, Porto, PORTUGAL)

Ether-phospholipid functions on Schwann cell differentiation and myelination

17h00 - Domingos Henrique (IMM, Lisbon, PORTUGAL)

Understanding cell fate decisions in the embryonic neural retina

17h30 - Márcia Almeida Liz (IBMC, Porto, PORTUGAL)

Neuronal deletion of GSK3β increases microtubule dynamics in the growth cone enabling axonal regeneration

18h00 - Joana Paes de Faria (IBMC, Porto, PORTUGAL)

Profilin1 regulates PNS myelination

18h15 - Joana M. Marques (Instituto de Neurociencias de Alicante, SPAIN)

CRMP2 Tethers Kainate Receptor Activity to Cytoskeleton Dynamics During Development

18h30 – 18h45  Coffee-Break


18h45 – 19h45  Fire Sessions I

Neurogenesis and neural cell differentiation / Cell signaling I / Neurodegeneration and neuroprotection I


20h00  Reception


|| May 31 ||

09h00 – 11h30 Symposium II – Communication in the Nervous System

09h00 - Ana Saavedra (University of Barcelona, SPAIN)

BDNF regulates striatal-enriched protein tyrosine phosphatase levels in cortical neurons

09h25 - Rita Teodoro (Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA)

Ral mediates activity-dependent growth of postsynaptic membranes via recruitment of the exocyst

09h50 - Rui Peixoto (Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA)

Trans-synaptic signaling by cleavage of Neuroligin-1

10h15 - Ana Luísa Carvalho (CNC, Coimbra, PORTUGAL)

Modulation of hippocampal glutamatergic synapses by ghrelin

10h45 - Luísa V. Lopes (IMM, Lisbon, Portugal)

Clues to the ‘early-aging’ of the hippocampus – Impact on cognition

11h15 - Diogo Rombo (IMM, Lisbon, Portugal)

Adenosine A2A receptors mediate hippocampal network disinhibition specifically through parvalbumin expressing interneurons

11h30 – 12h00  Coffee-Break


12h00 – 13h00  Plenary Lecture II

Daniel Choquet (Institut Interdisciplinaire de Neuroscience, Bordeaux, France)

A nanoscale view into the dynamic of AMPA receptor organization in synapses


13h00 – 15h00  Lunch/Posters

15h00 – 17h30 Symposium III – Cognition and Behaviour

15h00 - Mónica Santos (Center for Genomic Regulation, Barcelona, SPAIN)

Hippocampal hyperexcitability and impaired ERK signaling underlie enhanced and extinction-resistant fear memories in a mouse overexpressing TrkC, a model of panic disorder

15h30 - Ana M. Oliveira (University of Heidelberg , GERMANY)

Rescue of aging-associated decline in Dnmt3a2 expression restores cognitive abilities

16h00 - Tiago V. Maia (University of Lisbon, PORTUGAL)

Reinforcement learning in avoidance, habits, and tics

16h30 - Marta Moita (Champalimaud Neuroscience Programme , Lisbon, PORTUGAL)

Listening to the sound of silence

17h00 - Henrique Sequeira (University of Lille, FRANCE)

Affective brain networks: a neurodynamic approach

17h15 - Jorge Valero (CNC, Coimbra, PORTUGAL)

Long-term effects of an acute administration of lipopolysaccharide on spatial memory and adult neurogenesis in the triple transgenic mouse model of Alzheimer's disease

17h30 – 18h00  Coffee-Break


18h00 – 18h30  Prémios Artigo Destaque SPN_2012

                                    Sponsored by Bayer


18h30 – 19h00  Horizon 2020 and Neuroscience Research - FCT


19h00 – 20h00  SPN General Assembly


20h00 – 23h00  Dinner

|| June 1 ||

09:00H – 10:00H  Plenary Lecture III

Óscar Marín (Instituto de Neurociencias de Alicante, SPAIN)

Neurodevelopment and Nervous System Diseases: Molecular mechanisms controlling the development of cortical interneurons


10:00H – 11:00H  Fire Sessions II

Neural Systems I / Cell signaling II / Neurodegeneration and neuroprotection II


11:00H – 11:30H  Coffee-Break


11:30H – 12:30H  Fire Sessions III

Neural Systems II / Neuroinflammation / Neurodegeneration and neuroprotection III


12:30H – 14:30H  Lunch/Posters

14h30 – 17h00 Symposium IV – New Targets for Nervous System Therapy - Sponsored by the Portuguese Biochemical Society (SPB)

14h30 - Juan P. Bolaños (University of Salamanca, SPAIN)

Bioenergetics and Antioxidant Coupling in the Nervous System

15h00 - Raquel Pinho (University Medical Center Göttingen, GERMANY)

Understanding the role of alpha-synuclein in the nucleus: a new concept in synucleinopathies

15h30 - Patrícia Maciel (ICVS, Braga, PORTUGAL)

Pharmacotherapy for Machado-Joseph disease: from worm to mouse to human?

16h00 - Ana I. Duarte (CNC, Coimbra, PORTUGAL)

Insulin/IGF-1/estrogen signalling protects against lipid oxidation and neurodegenerative events in type 2 diabetic female rat brain

16h30 - Teresa Summavielle (IBMC, Porto, PORTUGAL)

The role of acetyl-L-carnitine in the brain glucose uptake under methamphetamine

16h45 - Bruno M.D.C. Godinho (Univeristy College Cork, IRELAND)

A Nanotoxicological Appraisal of Non-viral vectors for RNA Interference in the CNS

17h00 – 18h00  Awards & Closing
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